I don’t need anyone, I like to be alone
Left to drink, smoke and do what I want
I like to relax, chill play my games
When you come home that’s when I can unleash my rage
And put you down and call your names
Why you ask? Its anger hidden down deep, no one can reach
Why take it out on a total stranger when I have you next to me?
Sure they say you hurt the ones you love, the ones closest to you
I know I am hurting you; it’s just easier for me to do
See, you are my outlet to get rid of my rage
You are the next chapter to an unwritten page
I know you don’t need me and it amuses me that you continue to
Love and want me; as much as I put your through you are still
Standing tall with a beautiful smile on your face and yet your love
For me runs so deep.
I hear your cries, I hear your pleads yet my body and heart are paralyzed
Unable to break free to show you how I really feel
You don’t need anyone because you are filled with so much energy, strength
And an unbreakable will.
You are the up to my down, the smile to my frown and it’s hard for me to show you real love
Because I really don’t need anyone just want someone around when my time is free and I
Get bored, I guess I better rethink this again because it’s my stupid thinking in the first thing that tells me this because I really do need you; my wife forever more.
You have been the constant, my solid rock there by my side
I have beaten you down in my drunkenness with insults and emotional abuse thinking
You could handle it all with your strength; you know your pain my gain
And now as I see you lying next to me I see the pain in your face and I’ve notice you have been losing sleep, I see the sadness sneaking in and the things I’ve done to you starting to take its toll
I feel it’s only a matter of time I will come home and it will be empty; with you no more
You tell me every action has a reaction and it is my action that is causing you to react the way you do; it causes me to go mad and not understand you or the things you do, sometimes you make me crazy, sometimes I just want to through my hands up and say I’m through.
I don’t handle stress well at least not as well as you and I know you are committed to me and to this marriage and are true to our vows
I am a stupid man who is coming off my high and I do need you, want you, love you beyond
I want this marriage to work with you and have with you this unbreakable bond.
I know we can make it together as everyone does have problems
You have me, I have you so let’s keep going and not hit rock bottom.

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