The reflection I see can't believe the age in my face.
Instead of holding each day dear I spent it in waste.
The poisons I ingest looking for the utmost high.
As I lose my soul I bow my head and cry.
Will the spirit I once had every return.
Or is my fate in Hell forever to burn.
Just going through the motions my head's in a daze.
No longer feeling Joy all I feel is Rage.
Each hour goes by seems like days.
No longer feeling pride all I feel is Rage.
If I repent now maybe I'll be spared.
I get down on my knees bow my head in prayer.
Can't see now what in the future may loom.
All I feel in my gut is impending doom.
Got to keep straight stay true to my faith.
Please help me Lord rid me of this hate.
With the Devil in a war I do wage.
The battle for my heart on a lever it sways.
Looking for an exit like a rat in a maze.
No longer loving life all I feel is Rage.
Times the pressure istoo much and likea forest put ablaze.
Past the point of no return all I feel is Rage

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