Rage Against Mother

Rage Against Mother
She did nothing as he raped us.
She did nothing as he murdered the neighbor's dog.
She did nothing as he whipped us.
He drugged us & knocked us out.
He raped us & tried to kill us
The torture & torment.
He got away with it all is how that went.
The gun "mama' got him was for his own protection.
I still remember I have recoalition.

So he had it everytime someone called the cops.

It would be in his left hand behind the open door.

Law enforcement knew nothing & still don't.

It was 1988 to 1991.
The sick bastard had his fun.

Now "mother" just lays in a puddle of piss.
I am sure the past is not something anyone would want to live over or miss.
Everyday all day with no ambition or goals.

The filth & stench surround her.
Nothing beautiful or eye pleasing.
Just stale air & wheezing.

She is almost 80 & she doesn't care how she looks, smells, or feels.
The same with her house.

The only time she felt he had to go was when he threw a knive at "my brother".
After all that I no longer wanted her as a "mother",
I disowned then all by changing my name in 2008.
To control my own destiny & dictate my own fate.
Choose myself who I do or don't want to date.

He put alcohol in our drinks.
As minors so we could not be concisous to consent or think .

A disgust I could not stand.
He made me carry their dead bodies by the handful to the toilet to flush with my bare hands.
He kept dead fish in the freezer.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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