Raid at Traflagar Square

The pigeon with his eager eye searches the crowds for a snack
Tours around Trafalgar Square planning his attack
A family taking in the sights stop to drink and eat
But Dad springs into action
“First let’s have a photo by the fountain, take a seat.”

Excited chatter, changing places but lunch boxes left exposed
Up above the pigeon watches while the family choose their pose
Click! The bird swoops as the family give a smile
Cheese and pickle sandwich! Today he’ll dine in style

“My lunch has been swiped,” said Dad. “Who has done this deed?
There’s no one else nearby except birds pecking at some seed”

But then a few days later when the family looks at memories of their trip
The pigeon in a starring role and Dad’s sandwich in his talons gripped
“I wondered where my food went,” said Dad “At the time is seemed absurd
That my lunch disappeared so quickly. It was that naughty bird.
And there he is enjoying it; Nelson’s column was his picnic spot
He must have been hungry because he scoffed the blimming lot!”

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