Mist sweeps an undulating path through the sky promising change
All imperfections are invisible, all impurities wiped clean
A soft sprinkle cools the air, I lie in wait
A swift gust of wind rolls over, then a pause
As if the sky is a banquet giving us a taste of its nectar
Flowers close and bow in respect to the will of the wind
The rhythm of the rain splashes the ground
Puddles of whispers collect
I wish I could save the rain drops
Bring them back to play their music
The pines seem to shiver
Letting loose a down pour of tiny drops from their needles
Speaking soft stories through the forest
When the wind blows I can almost hear them
A steady beat erases all distractions
No one can tell if you are crying
The river overflows joyfully, frolicking with every dip
When the song begins, treasure plummets
Down stony peaks from jagged rocks
Fog surrounds the mountain
I hide behind the waterfall to hear the drum of rushing water
I fall asleep to the endless pounding
We wish for a time to block out all problems
Beautiful dark clouds
Sweet yet hidden mystery

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