Sweet lies and bitter truth in front of my eyes are fading away
Warmth? Kindness?
I don't understand such things anymore

You told me that I'll be fine on my own
That's why you walk away and say goodbye

That kind of empathy,
I'm tired of hearing it already

Merciless pity keeps ringing on unforgivably
It has no intention of letting me go

When I try to close my eyes, they're closing in and try to drown me
And then, at a distance, I heard someone laughing

Will this rain ever stop, I wonder?
I've been standing in the freezing cold this whole time
Why does the rain choose me?
The me who have nowhere else to go

This fleeting bright new morning
I wish it could last a moment longer

Instead of moving on towards my future
I was stuck on my own remorseful past

You tried to give me your hand
But I turn away and the pain is pouring down on my face

I don't want to see those past days
I'll wait until the rain washes them away
These scars too,
I know they'll only heal when I give them time
I finally find the end of my road now

Will the rain ever stop, I wonder?
I've been shivering for a long time already
Why does the rain choose me?
I wonder if it's okay to just let it be

The rain keeps on falling today as well, knowing no end
While I quietly keep walking without an umbrella

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This Poems Story

This poem tells a story of someone who is alone and needs help. But, when there's a hand that wants to reach her/him, she/he is still overwhelmed by the feeling of solitude.