Do you ever feel like rain?
Unable to stick to anything
You only make everything around you seem gloomy
Sometimes I feel like rain…
I can’t seem to stick to anything
Unlike snow
Every time I try to
I slip and fall onto the muddy wet ground
When the sun comes out
It tries to lift me up
I fall again
I can’t seem to do anything to change it
But only if you look at it that way…
Rain can make way for new life
When you fall instead of sticking
It means you were not meant to stick
But to flow into a river,
Changing the atmosphere around you
Rain is never alone
It gathers into a stream or a river
Until it reaches the vast ocean to travel on
So don’t wish to be snow, ice, or anything else
Instead, look at yourself
And see what you can accomplish
Or you might miss the chance of a lifetime

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