She was there, to pick me up, after extricating from work.

As I went inside the cab, she almost crushed me to the corner and what I analysed in her mood- she had a quirk.

My male libido was spurred with her coquettish behaviour,

Once we reach home, I gave it a thought, who would be her saviour?

Of that pristine soul and alluring voluptuous body,

Because my insatiable and unabashing thoughts were getting as rough as shoddy.

Pausing my dreams, she wishfully exclaimed, " I wish it could rain."

My masculinity took it as it's responsibility, to fulfil her desire of rain,

And I would certainly be doing that, astraying her to the path of pleasure and a bit of pain.

The rain of my dominance would submerge her coy resistance.

The rain of my drooling lean would submerge that gamine.

The rain of my dandy caricature would submerge her naive gesture.

The rain of my eternal bites would emanate my passion and submerge my Aphrodite.

The rain of her raucous moans would submerge my languorous groans.

The rain of her barging lips would submerge this urging Zeus.

The rain of her slimy sweat, to my conscience, it would be a threat.

The rain of her gracious fluidity would, I am afraid of, invite my cruelty.

The rain of my instilling plectrums would submerge her vixen tantrums.

But I never realised, this day dreaming was not overtly,

It actually rained and I was submerged with those droplets this time,

She was already in her dreams in her room and I had no other choice to head towards mine.

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