Rain again

To the oceans I conveyed all my woes
About all my miseries the ocean knows.
It whispered to the sky about my sorrow,
A bit of my grief they wished to borrow.
And both of them weeped for me
They ached due to my melancholy.
The sky sent its compassion for me
because my sorrows it couldn't bear to see .
The ocean sent its love for me
I bathed in its sympathy.
And as they wished to ease my pain,
I figured they planned to make it rain.
I was showered with droplets of magic then
I drenched myself in the droplets of heaven.
Thus I let every drop sink in
I let the rain mingle with the pain within.
The rain held me like never before
Its touch left me begging for more.
I was showered with the love I never felt
It soothed me till my heart had melt.
And as I laid in the cold,hard ground
My soul dancing to the rain's sound,
I felt something I never did
I realized it was peace,indeed.
The sky and the ocean was filled with glee,
I hope they'll again make it rain over me.

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