Rain In Of Darkness 2

It's once apparition in a castle stayed where in it?
It is a rural area in decay leafs covered in ashes gave then to broke down
hope not far from Little Dark Town.
She has little silver less often than not so she'd salvage her contacts
of importance indoor integral.

It will be here at a time to contact Sytras Dead Hill cloud technical
headquarters of frontier.
The baked soaked smell roasted of a carcass realm the air filled in it heat
while burned dreary latent experience.
It was found covered higher as she walked the dense harsh snow
land fog repellant worn over.

It's her ravaged clothing glow in these eyes the red will stay
in through the trees mode shift vague with the attack ate them.
The frosting there of the will to fight back also the fire as it is too hot for the wolf
bat beast back to dread to see.

Undiscovered bodies will give her the news of the left over bite
which still had much meat on the unknown corpses.
We have talked basic about the travel to go back from Vamp Lagoon
to Secgbrel City the orange one.
It's doomed Raina Solveig soon to go meet to Sytra with her updated.
It's because the uncertainty of now have had her combative own battles
to face over Dead Hill capital city Rama.

The poison raw scene overt discover to stand in a mortal existence against
human buried dead spirits not by avenged written.

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This Poems Story

A noted continued discrepancy in Drakans and Rainas separation from each other.