Rain Lover

Her heart wasn't here, she was with the rain-
She likes the smell, the relief from pain.
Her love of rain is one astonishing sight;
She will stay up for hours listening to the rain fall at night.
When the rain comes in fall,
You know where to find her.
She sits in the park with the angels all,
And listens to the steady heartbeat behind her.
She is a rain lover, no one can match her love for God's creation;
Her joy for the rain's peace and sound is bigger than all the nation.
I won't say her name, for it is a secret.
Maybe one day, you can find out her secret.
An angel on earth, some might say,
A nature lover always-by night and by day.
Angels adore her grace in the wet, gray days,
And listen to her songs in the night of the rainy-filled days.
Rain lover, oh, sweet rain lover-
Like her, there is no other.

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