Rain Poem

The lightening came and gone,
The wind refused to go,
Caps and umbrellas were flying,
Rain did the worst.
Shoes disappeared into the mud,
Running water took the childrens toy,
The cloth sellers were busy like bees;
The rain isn't their friend
So were the salt sellers;
They hate the rain
Every city shade is packed with strangers;
People that live within but know not one another
"Its a hectic day" said the traders.

The rain grew wild and spread so wide
From river to land, its time to farm
Beggers beg no more, diggers dig no hard
Lets turn forest to pasture
Lets eat honey from nature
If in wet we plant not, In dry we shall trade not
For what shall be traded in dry
Than that which is planted in wet
Tis the Rainy Season
Tis the Planting Season!

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