We can see improvements in little movements
that are like sparkling lights
within our hearts.
Only in this way
can we create a rainbow ray
where different dimensions
become a part of collective manifestations.
Rainbow colors are from the sun.
They are reflections in the bodies, but not just for fun.
A rainbow is the proof that we are one with the universe,
that has natural rules for every verse
that comes out of our nerves.
We have to watch the thoughts
that we do not screw up previous loads.
Everything is a process
and needs time that we do not collapse
into illusionary complex.
Clarity is part of quality
that comes from mastery.
We do not need to lose joy
in order to fly under the sky.
Indeed we do not need to cry
because the spirit led us through the sky.
The base for future ponds
is with golden fishes
that brighten up dirty dishes.

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Writing poetry brings to me joy, peace, and transformational messages from the spiritual world. There is the way to achieve peace and happiness through daily life challenges. I have received selected awards and a golden medal for my poetry: www.worldpoetry.us. I founded the Mandala Transformation Foundation, Inc.: a cross-cultural non-profit organization with aims to improve lives on a deeper level by transmission of sacred knowledge, performing artistry and other means that are deeply connected with a human nature.