rainbow bandanna

The Woman has a moment
She puts a bandanna over her eyes with a rainbow on it
With her hand on her cheek, she thinks
She decides to turn off her larynx
You know who I am, don’t you?
She sits and waits for her Echo
With rainbows covering her eyes, she listens for beauty tips
The Evil showers caused her sea of Heavenly beauty to be eclipsed
It’s the beginning of her life, but she wants it to be the end
She just wants everything already, not to commit suicide
Now, back to the rainbow bandanna over her eyes
Her life was so crazy it could have been novelized
She just wanted to stop all the noise
So she took away the sound of her voice
For the sign of life, the thoughts inside was all she could vouch
The rainbow bandanna might as well been over her mouth
Little did you know, it was only over one ear
She left one ear open to hear the rest of the World
Her hand on her cheek held the Colorful Bandanna’s tail in loose place
She sat there like a statue in a color portrait
Little did you know, her eyes were leaking color
She was crying rainbows into a World that’s getting duller
It was a sight unseen out of everything around her that looked so boring
The rainbow bandanna she was holding now became her bandage
With only nine lines left, I want you to see this woman correctly
Everything in her background was grey, but she came out colorful
In the midst of a rainstorm getting rid of the Sun, she shined rainbows like nobody’s business
The woman with a bandanna over her eyes radiated out rainbows like busybodies
This became her renewal to speak and her larynx she went back to embrace
She took off the bandage and didn’t mind tears of color falling from her face
With the last three lines, the woman who had a colorful bandanna over her eyes wanted me to tell people to do the same
So with this line, I’ll tell you to take off the bandage and let your bleeding eyes of color see the sight you have reclaimed
And my final line leaves you with the woman’s favorite fact: rainbows only save lives if our lost voices we can proclaim

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