Rainbow of the Night

Sunshine always comes after the rain they say
But is it really always that way?
Needless to say it may
Try as you may, try as you might, you can't have a rainbow at night
Or is that so?
Tears stream down parched cheeks
Those saline crystals reflect the night through
Large windows of souls, long forgotten
Windows that glimmer for the past
Windows that shine for the future
And crying can be done in the night
Can we have a rainbow in the blackness of the night?
Where there is no light?
Where all our fears come to light
Where our bodies lose their might
As the sunlight comes creeping in
That moment where light and night battle
And light wins
There is a splinter of color
As dawn breaks it grows duller
For a good reason?
A changing of season?
With a changing of seasons, there should be a good reason
Reason of shining in the night?
Where all was lost and dark
That rainbow came as a lark
Heralding the spring
The spring that shines like crystal
The spring that brings better rainbows to come

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