She gazed at the vast Ocean, seeing only…an escape
She looked deep down in the water, seeing only her death
Just jump in and don’t come up
She told herself this
Make it happen
The woman here was thinking about suicide
It’s so easy
The raging waters will take you
Just say goodnight, my angel
Then a rainbow appeared
Over the same waters she wished would kill her
A promise now stood in front of her here
The next time she saw the Ocean
There was a swimming dolphin
Some would have called it a good omen
She called it a leap to freedom
The spring came
The butterflies escaped
They flew out of the hole in her mind she made
She hopes for you to do the same
A new look at the Ocean gave her back her sanity
Something good came out of the death she wanted so badly to experience
She realized this life she wanted to use for expression
Hey, if she wanted to die anyway, why not carpe diem?
You’re a butterfly
And butterflies are free to fly
She reminded herself of this daily
So fly away, high away, bye bye
Someone saved her life with those times on that Ocean
Now she was a beautiful rainbow warrior

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