So I call myself in love writing love stories I sip
Feeling the exhaustion of my pen; my tired fingertips
Dreaming a dream of dreams I've dreamt
Of places I've gone but never went
Imagining the future she holds in her hands
And the love I have for a woman not a man
The life I wish for us
Built on happiness, honesty, and trust
I don't think our encounters were meant to develop in this way
But these feelings I have, dang, what can I say
The moon, she has my mind, my heart, my spirit
In hopes when I give her the keys to my heart:
she can accurately steer it
A life in which we raise our kids
Laughing and joking at all the things they did
Waiting until the children went to sleep
Where our smiles were shy, but sexual intensity was deep
Encountering more than what meets the eye
Feeling a sense of satisfaction my smiles made my eyes cry
And with the kisses and bites
We slept peacefully throughout the night
Now, I love her, that woman, my moon
Jealous of the dish that ran away with the spoon
Because I still feel that we deserve each other
But the way life works: you can only have life in one color
I'm not scared to have the rain grow
Because in the end, my moon, you'll always be my rainbow

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