Raindrops falling

From snowy cloud's melting all
early January raindrops fall
my arms stretched wide as i stand here
catching the shower that drops like spears
washing off dirt left from all last year

like being baptized to start anew
resolutions made but only a few
cleansing my mind
from being left behind
a fresh new race to the finish line

twelve furlongs until December
actions i take shall be an endeavor
brushing off the monthly dust
can't stay clean from built up crust,
those raindrops will come again i trust.

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    This Poems Story

    This is about starting the new year fresh, wiping the slate clean from all the mistakes and ills we\'ve done over the past year. But the year is long and those mistakes build up again and i hope that the rains of the new year will give me another chance to start clean again.