Rain’s Came

For everyone who heeds the truth there's always some who won't Be reached,
when they plug their ears can't hear no matter how hard truth preach.
Yes,they have ears But they're not of much use,
not willing to do right there come's all kinds of excuses.
The excuses up to this day seems as though there is no end,
It doesn't matter if it's parents or Jah they choose to offend.
Humans best Be aware of this for one must and will answer,
For these wrongs do add up and eat at the world just like cancer.
these wrong deeds that are done are no longer little specks, The reason the truth is needed simply to hold them All in check.
then will come the Day But none will know the hour,
When all the sweet bads will of a surety turn plain sour.
Must not shun the truth when for All it's presented and spoken,
Not heeding the truth will surely lead to being broken.
these times are calling for not wasting the precious breath,
For this breath from Jah it is Man's only wealth.
But even it will Be called back Yes,back to the very start,
Now it is left to no One But Jah whether it's stay or depart.
This message is to All who seem to think Life is just a game,
in this world's foolishness there is only unclean fame.
We bid don't tempt Jah for All hot tongues He can and will surely tame,
Some are still drying out Yes,since almighty Jah let His Rain's Came!

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