Rain’s don’t Come!

We must not be wasteful so as not to come to want,
it will leave less room when this world decides to taunt.
In this Life Everyone must Be sure to use care, Jah's Commands are the same whether We are here or over there.
What has changed is the live's that some people are choosing to live,
always willing to take far more than they can or are willing to give.
This leads to great pains and overwhelming troubles and confusion.
which only adds more burdens to the sacred mission some think is an illusion.
But all who are truly faithful will keep within the right Beliefs,
Yes,to the Ones who sincerely Believe Almighty Jah is their needed Relief. Humans must not make wants into any false needs,
Must remember the Almighty Jah for out of His hand He feeds.
This goes out to the wasteful just so they don't ask why,
The world's well's were full But now they are close to dry.
So when they're left to wonder just where the cause is from,
We seh it's of the Most High Jah whensoever the rains don't come,
Must remember the Natives They prayed,chanted and beat the drum,
Believe We,All eyes will seek Jah assuredly when the Rain's don't Come! Amen

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