Rains of Mercy

Pour some rain of Mercy my Lord,
For the times are too harsh and dread,
Loyalty is nowhere here betrayal is what instead,
Peace has gone for sleep now, and chaos is what all ahead

Chaos is a ladder chaos is a pit,
Some tries to climb, some falls in it,
Some climb so high, they let the peace suffer,
Some are crushed so deep, they can't see what peace has to offer..

Cold dry winds of chaos.... is what I see
As far as my eye sight.... suffering is what I see
With many closed paths...this one path is what I see
In that path MY LORD....Rains of Mercy is what I see

Some we say are true friends, some are just mean,
And when these all are tested, many of them leave,
Some stand as pillars some makes us strong,
Some just use us... While some proves us wrong.

The path is crooked the path has curves, the path is full of treasures,
A path of gold and silver, a path full of pleasures,
A fake one....a false one indeed, this path leads us astray,
With the rains of Mercy my Lord, YOU lead us the right way..

Is it possible to awake the peace... or is chaos way too strong..?
Will the sun rise on us again.....cause this night has been too long
Please give us this cloud we need....the cloud of peace, love and song
Cause it is the Rains of Mercy My Lord.... Which we need all along..

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