Rainy Day

Others hate the rainy days
They feel as if it washes their happiness away
Princesses and Princes grossed out by the muddy dirt
Traffic jams and news ways chirp
I love the water that drizzles down

The silver clouds spraying the world with liquid diamonds
And I see them sparkle on the dark leather leaves
The sun barely able to lift its head above the skyscrapers
It is the only day
The rainy day
When I can snuggle in a blanket

So go ahead you prissy princesses
The ones who can not stand the mud or the gloomy clouds
I see the rainy day for its true beauty anyhow

I see the silver clouds
Feel the diamonds that coat my skin in a silver shine
Then roots from the sun stretch deep into the silver clouds
Disappearing in mere seconds
When the Sun quinches its thirst

So rainy day ignore the people
They are blinded
They cannot see
How beautiful you really are
And how much you mean to me

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