Rainy Days

I hate when it Rains
And I'll feel the same on the day when my soul decays
Father forgive me, for I am not perfect
Temptation is a beast, to say the least
And I'm just trying to show you that I'm worth it
Life is a constant game and struggle
When it's my move, I shake and I stumble
The words I create are indirect and unproportioned,
Unable to convey what I want to say, feeling weak and broken
I have not optimized myself to the fullest
Strictly a goal seeker, and shone onto a blacklist
I pride myself. I know. I'm done, I'll step down
I just hate losing control, and dwelling in the background
Grace, Faith, and Spirit. I want to inherit
The dance of my mother, the worship of my brother,
The mind of my sister, and the craft of my father
In this part of life, integrity feels strife
And everything wrong may as well be right
These beginnings are followed by an end,
And in between time I'm not running to the right end
I'm still holding on, that's why I still pray
I'm talking to you now, but I promise that you feel so far
A thinker, a dreamer, a complex soul
I watch the world around me in search of a home
. I hate when it Rain

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