Raised By Rulers

I was raised by loud voices that boomed through the night
Trails of anger, tears, laughter, and love

I was raised by angels with thick curly hair who adored gospel
Sunday dinners filled the house with soul, to replace the one lost

I was raised by kind hearts and caring hugs
Light whispers of “I love you” and “you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you”

I was raised by curves moving to R&B on family gatherings
The unfair laws for drinks and food “Elderly eat first and no pop for children”

I was raised by women who anger burned hotter than the sun
Sins, lies, and betrayal morphed the soulful angels into soulless avengers

I was raised by tough love with strict rules and sharp tongues
“What did I say? Go get a belt! This will hurt me more than it hurts you.”

I was raised by feminiest who proudly raised their fist in support of heritage
“You don’t need no man! You are a strong Independent black woman. Own it!”

I was raised by royalty who wasn’t afraid to get their hands dirty
“Honey, please just cause I have 3 jobs don’t mean I’m strugglin’ it means I’m strong.”

I was raised by women of steel
Cars, knives, tasers, guns, fire, glass, bats are all useless against my women of steel

I was raised by undying confidence no matter what came their way
“Shoot gurl, I’m still an African Queen! Nobody can take dat from me, but me.”

I wasn’t simply raised by women
I was raised by Queens and a Queen is what I shall be

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