Raised the White Flag

I listen to my screams and my aches, Wondering, wishing, dreaming. I put my head against the wall, listening to my endless screams.

I’ve tried, and tried, and tried. but now I give up.

My walls crumble to dust. My hope blown out like a candle. I give up.
Now I move like a hollow tree. A soul who lost its
meaning. I raise the white flag, surrendering to my
I listen to the silence, everything ebbing away. Thinking, becoming lost in thought.
Thinking, dreaming, wishing, crying.
Now I lay awake, playing my thoughts over and over. During the day,I listen to their complaint,
their disproval, stinging like daggers. Driving me to the ground.
Now I roam: uncaring, crumbled, numbed. My Confidence crushed like trampled leaves.
I yield to the darkness.

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This Poems Story

No matter how much effort i put in. It never seems enough. Their always expecting more, and sometimes it feel like they expect me to be perfect, flawless. But i\'m far from flawless, and now i don\'t even feel proud for what i do.