Rally The Sun

It’s the gospel truth 
Shoot them like marbles, down the Mississippi River line
Even when the white sheets hang from the line, they’re cleansed and pinned,
Instead of hung, blood stained, and hung up Natchez way
Carolina, Carolina gets the lit torched crowd, fly flag by flag
Flew by a general’s horse, and a bloody black boy
Then she, the do right white, life taken by the hand of people
Not her kind, but people, savaged and prodding, but people
She, beauty from within, she stained with hope, she was our people
Given thought to the wind, set loose to plague the souls of the casted aspersions
We give them back to the confederate phantoms, haunting delta’s and bayou’s
Cotton lands, sugar cane grown, children of a southern persuasion
Stolen property by flesh, or land
Assimilation by misunderstanding
Take them down into the earth, the land they claim as pure
Buffalo hills, roamed by Sitting Bull, fought in bladed corn fields
They lost their people
This new world they fight for, colonized and planted
Built by our people, Jew or gentile
Chinese railroad boys, given lives by way of the transcontinental railroads
Enslaved, ravaged, and worst, to be forgotten 
Given the husk and pig skins
Muslima beauties, or Muslim men
Given less than what the constitution promised, even if spat out the mouths of men
The same kin to those marching in the streets of Virginia, and still fly flags up Appalachia way
Give these men names, chiseled into plain stone, to line the streets of the battlefields their sinners fought on
The people of Mexicali, Tex mex, and all the spicy lands
This too is their land, yet they, our people, are fenced into life changing decisions
To climb, or be swallowed by the river
And it is people who hold fast to ways no longer relevant
Things which matter only to cold veined dreamers
This is not your land, but these are our people
who we will defend.

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This Poems Story

This poem was written following the unreasonable events of the Charlottesville protests, specifically after receiving the news of the unfortunate, tragic robbing of three innocent lives. Admittedly, this was birthed out of anger, but soon turned to inspiration, captivated by the perseverance of all defeated souls. This is recognition, and the will to never sacrifice the freedom of empathy for hatred.