Ramblin Woman

So what was it you wanted? I need you to be honest,. I'm tired of all the pouting, so I'm getting geared up and going out scouting. I'm bound and determined, to shut out all this hurting, stand up straight and send this thinking out on break, join my emotions out on strike, walk this line by keeping the rope tight. Second guessin will be sent to detention, I'll be sure to ask for an extension. It's hard to stop and be still, helping someone else to me is natural, holding the spotlight on myself, are shoes too big for me to fill. While the day turns into night, I pray tomorrow will be alright. You have to choose your battles, to bad I'm no good at your riddles, reading minds is a talent I lack, yet I can read you by the way you act. Without direction I fight to bring perfection. These answers I'm holding need to be shared, take them please, don't be scared. Oh I'm sorry here's your balls back, you were not strong enough to keep the bullshit out of your path. Be strong and I'll show you the pleasure you've only dreamed, now that I'm unleashed and free. Sensations play a game of twister, due to my friend I call Mr. He shoots through me like a cracking in thunder, he don't leave me behind to wonder, I take with me the knowledge from the past, I don't mind finishing last. These hurtles I'm facing, will need some extra praying. So give me your hand and I will help you stand, just do not keep this Ramblin Woman from time she could be waisting.

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This poem is like an autobiography