Rambling Nomadic Love

Lost nomad in search of more than just spiritual healing.
Cascading down the dreamscape he acknowledges as his own life.
Slowly endangering his notion to continue.
Continue with the lie. Continue with the facade people comprehend.
Only if he could understand what happiness is.
And how it surrounds him.
Death happens either too fast or too slow.
The same rules apply to love.
Same old lies leads to the same old lives.
Live cautiously we think, as we pursue love constantly.
When will we be understood?
Is it worth the hurt? Is it worth the pain.
I can only imagine while my curiosity slowly drives me insane.
Do our expectations of love deplete among our experiences?
Or are they progressed to an unimaginable standard?
That the only love we can make,is the love we allow?
I don't want to hear the lies that slip from your mouth.
Camouflaged with a smile without a doubt.
If you speak of love then speak your heart truthfully and loud.
Don't say you care when you're completely unaware.
Bewildered by your own confusion.
Leave me among the broken hearted illusion.
Expressing love in the deepest form can decay our soul.
Honestly and truth behold I'm scared of ever loving again.
For in my eyes love dresses in devil's sheik

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