Rap for Human Rejection

Will they sing about something that matters in a voice that flatters?
A generation shattered by the media's chatter
Distracted by toys that make so much noise. Women act like boys.
Have we lost our poise?"So materialistic,Ray Bans,MAC lipstick
They go ballistic to keep up with the stylistic."
Are we causing Earth's destructions with constant construction?
They only care about production and are obsessed with consumption.
Do you care? Is it fair? Our kids won't have clean air!"
Who are we? Where are we from? Tough questions for some.
"If you know, who is your creator? Do you respect your neighbor?"
Hypocrisy is our norm. We are taught to conform.
Yet we want to be different and leave our imprint.
Then practice what you preach, you must learn in order to teach."
Do you think before you speak? Amused by the garbage leak.
We've come so far to lose so much. Must we ruin everything we touch?
"If it's not broken, don't fix it! America must have mixed it!"
Do things for the greater good? Take a look under your own hood.
"History repeats itself, like a book upon the shelf. "
Did we not see this coming? Ignorance enforced by the cunning."
Labeling us like soup cans makes it harder to shake hands.
"That's how they like it, can't be united when you're divided.
What is the right way to be? Is it true what we see?
"If life is but a dream within a dream, is the way it seems?"
Who says you can't change that? This feels like someone else's hat.
"Social media:for connecting,is only reflecting us away from others
No attention for our lovers,Acts as a cover for the doom that hovers.

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