I am beautiful, I am strong
My eyes are bright as they hold desires
I am both peace and fire
But Living in this unfair world is not what I aspire
When some girls are reaching the sea
touching the moon
I am still striving to glee
And not to gloom
There's the truth that I hold, locked up and never told,
But now I am done being weak
A story I will tell, awakening a pit of a hell!
Just like any other night,
I was walking straight home, alright?
But then,
A noise of car went through my ears..
The closer the voice The higher my speed
I was scared as my plan to escape didn't succeed
Bunch of boys, with those lusty eyes walked towards me
And I tried to flee
I was taken to unknown place ,
After I was chased
One of them pinned me to the wall,
As I yelled for helping call!
I could feel his touch against my chest
And you can wonder the rest
Struggling , I push him back,
I push him away
But no sign of impact!
Weeping and crying it all happened
While world was sleeping deep
One after another they continued
As I screamed and I argued!
Then he tied me to the chair ,
With the excruciating pain,
which was arduous to share,
"No one cares about you" ,he said
Cutting my wrist, wishing I was dead!
I was extricated
But everytime I recall that night
It leaves me utterly deflated,
And everyday passes by,
I feel ashamed as society sighs!
The thought of it, makes me shiver,
Drinking the flask and damaging my liver,
Now that years glide by,
I have no tears left to cry,
And if you lose your eyes,
And see my soul fighting for life,
I am happy, I am bold
Yet look into my eyes,
I am broken, I am cold
There's more you'll see than my beautiful smile.
You'll find some strength in my body unite
As I brace up day and night!

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