Most would consider it rape,
While very few consider it a mistake.
This happened more than just once,
Which makes me feel like quite a dunce.
I have tried to block it out of my mind,
But it is like seeing all black because you are blind.
I keep pretending like this never happened,
But it gives me headaches so I need an aspirin.
You were my dads best friend,
And a father figure is what I thought you would lend.
I was so sure that I could trust you,
I guess my judgement is as useful as a sole-less shoe.
I blew it off like it was no big deal,
All while praying it was not real.
All these years you were thinking of me as prey,
Until one night you joined me where I lay.
Yes we were both drunk,
But he should have still made it back to his own bunk.
What he did was wrong,
And I should have known that all along.
For the situation I continued to make excuses,
When I should have realized that it was sexual abuse.
I keep feeling really sorry for my dad,
For me telling him has made him really sad.
He must feel as if he has failed me as a parent,
But no one persons mind is transparent.

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