Rapes and rapes everyday,
Is there any place safe for the girls to stay;
Late at night in the streets don't roam,
But is a girl even safe at her own home ?
"The girl was wearing short clothes" is what rapists say to justify,
The truth is their lust they want to satisfy;
If short clothes are what aroused you and you raped,
Then what about an infant or a lady fully draped ?
If girls wear short clothes it doesn't portray their availability,
People in the society need to change their mentality;
How can anybody do an act so shameful,
And leave a girl in a situation so painful ?
Rape victims can never forget that horrifying day of their life,
The girl you raped maybe somebody's daughter,mother or wife;
And what about the girls who after rape are murdered ?,
Even the thought of it makes me feel dreaded;
Their is no justification for such brutality,
I have completely lost faith in humanity;
In our judiciary there are many flaws,
For such rapists there are no stringent laws;
Behind the bars they spend some time,
And walk in the streets freely to again commit the same crime....


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