rape culture

a volition
my violation
in this nation
there is
we pledge allegiance to a flag
but all i feel is a drag
who said we have justice
when I'm told "it.just.is."
My safety is based off of my appearance
what if i don't appear.
I'm alleviated with counseling,
but mr councilor, what are you doing here?
My lively hood
is guaranteed in a "hood",
unless one day i hear a shot
and then
I'm laying
in the same spot.

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Living in a country where rape culture is spread like its nothing upsets me. We are supposed to be world leaders and by allowing persons to speak about woman the way its being said is unacceptable. when 1 out of 5 women in the U.S. have been molested in some way something should be done about it. Women all around the world still have to suffer from male misogyny. I dream of a world where everyone is respected and their word is heard and spoken.