Words you speak trundle down my cheeks
Pain is carbonated and flowing
Air over my face pulled taunt and sufficating
Empty but encased with shadows
Darkness feeds on whimpers.

I'm sorry that I lied.
The serpant slips and wiggles on my tongue and begs to be let free.
It drills into teeth seeking a place to sleep until morning comes with it's slick dew and the cycle continues.

Music amass for you.
My clanking, excavated bones strung together by hopes and dreams that one day you'll care.
You'll extinguish the cigarette, put down the bottle, flush those fucking pills,
But no.

The black creeps up your feet and ties itself among your laces.
Red rushes of liquid pulse through you as if you're alive.

The birds that have been living inside your head now call it home.
They have fitted a nest of your brain and are welcomed renters.

Your fingers are mangled, the rinds hang from your mouth.
Human flesh is your comfort.
My skin before you transparent and embalmed.
Your timid movements of trepidation replaced by fluidness.

Thumbs are sore and blistered with signs of healing,
Only to be ignored.
Like the small pale figure on the other side of the concrete wall.

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