Harum-scarum humans,true
to say the devil-may-care?.No,
he's rude and daring.

look at his tap once given.
it was for you fun zipping
Milk of decades
gushing adays and now,
you the dewed becking
and never a drop getting.

what can be given in haste
that no mistake breakneck?.
harum-scarum for fame?,
peace,be still less the tempest
you swallow.

If Jah the source, luminary
not fade.
but if you in a hell for leather
manner, sorry, your ending
nameless and the strutting
rotten grace will explode
one day and become a dream
deferred like a mirage pool
in a disert.
careful and patience......

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This Poems Story

Riches and fame should not be rushed. God gives at time appointed. If you rush and meet the devil for it, your entire life and future and hereafter is shattered and doom.