By Hamster   

As a matter of fact
Y’all are so wack
You always rate me low
Did you not enjoy the show
My poems are so very good
Rate it 5 stars if you would
I take the time
To make it rhyme
Do you not care about that
It takes more time then buying a cat
I made these my self
Print it and hung it on a shelf
Be grateful for this
You might get a sis
At least tell me why
It didn’t get a 5
Imma link my email
Please don’t bale
Let me know why
It isn’t a 5
It might get taken down
I put work into this you clown
Check out my other ones
Or you might see some guns
In your face
With a mace
Give me 5 stars
Like I have 5 cars
Better than you could do
Oh, don’t start to moo
I just called you a cow
You better shut it *pow*
I’m better than you
You belong in the zoo
Remember 5 stars
Or I’ll knock you into 5 bars
My email is split up
Don’t make a fuss
Not trying to get banned
I’ll fold you like a frying pan
Every other line
5 stars you swine
Starting right here
Stop acting like a deer
email me
Makes a sick beat
You look pale
You’re not the bomb

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