By: Randy R.
What happens when you put a rat in a box? A dirty dirty rat with nothing good going on for him. A stupid, unreliable, sensitive rat. A stupid, ungrateful, unintelligent, filthy, disgusting, good for nothing rat.
A rat who has no idea what is going on, a rat who is just scared and sad. A rat who never knew what he did wrong to deserve this. A rat who does not even know what the outside looks like. A rat who misses her mom. A rat who never knew his mom. A rat who gets poked and shouted at for no good reason. A rat filled with rage and despair and hurt. A rat souped up with pesticides. One with scars and a missing ear.
Inside a box so concrete and definite. It can only wait to grow out of it. To break it with its mass and to finally move on. But that is so far away. What is a rat to do with their time? To study the box and know it well. to give good results to its doctor so it does not get hurt.
But the rat still gets hurt.
If the result is negative, he gets hurt. If the result is positive, she gets hurt. If the result was supposed to be positive and is a negative, they get hurt. If its supposed to be negative and comes out that way they’re still getting hurt. Rats in a maze but every direction is wrong. even when its right, it can still be wrong.
One rat sees outside the box. The other rat is just angry. Then one day they both see out the box and it turns out that they are both angry. Nothing they do or say is right and nothing they think or feel is correct.
So, they do nothing
they say nothing
they think nothing
they feel nothing

they hate themselves
they hate each other
they hate their doctor
their doctor hates them

and yet they’re a family late at night.
trying to crawl with only three legs.
they all speak completely different languages and it only gets more infuriating. They’re all tired and each think of suicide and each of them hate their lives. Rats in a box is all they are. Their doctor is only a big rat in a bigger box.
But outside this box she’s a girl. She’s in school and she’s older than the other. She does her best to do good in life. for she’s aware of all she has and thankful and understanding.
The other is a boy, young and fit, ready to take on the world. He’s going to the army right after school and he shovels snow for the elderly.
And finally their doctor, a father who has worked all his life. He loves them ever so dearly; he does all he can to help everyone around him but mostly takes care of his family.
But he is angry. More often than not. About things people ought not be angry about. And that poisons the son and leaks into the daughter and then they all start to shout.
And it feels like everything. But none of them can see that it’s nothing.
They only shout about nothing.
But they all go home eventually. And they all turn back into rats. That’s all they ever will be.
That’s what happens when you put a rat in a box.

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