you never know what you'll get,
most of it, you will forget,
for it is raw, from deep in the mind,
making up words to pass the time.

they have a flow that won't end,
like a babbling brook that you jump in
the water it keeps coming,
from where that I know not.
just like the brook, the words will never stop.

from nowhere and everywhere,
words race through my mind,
so there really is no way, that I'm stuck in time,
for every word, there is a verse,
from good to bad and bad to worse.

just put them all together as they come passing by,
or they'll be gone before you know it,
in the blinking of the eye, but once their altogether,
it just becomes raw verse.

sometimes it's the best,
sometimes it's the worst
but there is nothing that is quite like,
totally free raw verse.

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it is raw just off the top of the head