Raw Fish

I didn’t try the Hamachi Sashimi until I turned twenty and perhaps I decided it was too late
Trying new experiences ends in tragedy if you ask your parents
I didn’t try men until I was twenty-two if you don’t count the boy
who slept in my bed six years before that
The Hamachi sashimi was good
But not as good as the man if I’m being honest
If you ever had raw fish, you know it slides across your tongue
It’s against the laws of nature, but fuck, this is an applause to high class cuisine
Once I got a long applause when I cried in front rows of men
Waiting for me to perform an unpracticed play entitled Unremarkable
The theater was too dark to tell
But this was before I tried the Hamachi sashimi
Which was good, but not quite as good as leaving an unmade bed
Where sleep is kicked out and left to sit on a curb
Once I sat on a curb and thought of nothing but three yellowtails swimming without anxiety
I wondered if fish could have anxiety
Do they know they will be caught and captured so that men and women will
Remove the organs
Decapitate the head
Slice from head to tail following the spine
Make a series of highly precise cuts that will eventually leave you with eight precise slices of yellowtail to be served fresh
I had anxiety before I tried the Hamachi Sashimi
Being served raw is not high on my agenda
Three relatives told me that I would like it but I didn’t believe them
Maybe that’s because I don’t trust my family
See, I was told to believe everything my parents said
I didn’t believe that
But the Hamachi sashimi was good

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