Raw Two

You never know when it's over,
no one's willing to give up,
Not the kings of the earth,
nor the child blind from birth.

it seems we all have egos,
we're better than the rest,
we take nothing for granted,
putting all things to the test.

we have to have it our way,
no other way will do,
we'll never go for second hand,
all things must be brand new.

from homes, to cars, yes even clothes,
we won't take second best,
we think we'll outlive them all,
without being put to rest.

from an infant when we start it,
we grow up to take control,
no listening to our elders,
while always on the go.

it's almost like a yearning,
a desire to be free,
without restrictions on us,
we know it's meant to be .

but in the end, we realize,
most often it's too late,
by letting our egos rule us,
we're lost to just one fate.

no matter how you've seen it,
you know that it's all wrong,
and now there is no sunsets,
no more early dawns.

let's hope that we will wake up,
on the other side,
and hope that we have not been,
lost to ego and false pride.

so if by chance, this is the end,
i bid to you a dew
, and hope you finally realize,
that you've all been screwed.

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it is raw off the top of the head first thought two minutes go