On a rainy cloudy day, the wind was howling through the
withered trees nudging forward from fall to winter.
Moons before a puppy was birthed into a Nation of
People whom were of the land but did not own.
On that rainy cloudy day a happiness was found
and brought forth the sun and cleared the rain,
the wind was also happy and blew mildly through
the trees as if to say hello and welcome.
A blessing was presented, a well groomed long
haired Australian shepherd coyote hybrid.
As we left the home of the nation of
people from the land, my young daughter said,
"Rayne", that is the Puppies name.
As time passed, Ryane and the Family grew
and bonded with one another and experienced years
of love and adventures together.
Many years has passed, the winters have come and
gone, time passes as it should as do all things living.
I am grateful for the blessing of life, I am
blessed to have been a part of life and to have had
the opportunity to receive and share it.
Thank you Rayne and all other Creations.
This is Hello, not goodbye!
Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

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