Raze Your Fears

The air swells with formaldehyde,
And you're lost in a sea of sound:
And you cannot escape, though you want to escape,
Because the walls just won't come down.
And you lie awake,
And you think of life;
You compare it to death,
And the aftermath,
And raze the building that held all your patience
And let go.
And scream all your prayers, and dump all your wishes,
Leave all your dreams,
And spread out your wings
That you hope will carry you far from this place.
But you feel clipped and gated,
All stoic and faceless.
They walk the lines, and you'll follow behind,
Your wings on your spine,
To pass the bodies in the path
And take your soul to its desired place at last.
Rest now at the end,
To know you've reached your plan,
And look back at the walls that held you in.
And thank God there is always a way around,
And praise God; He brought you up,
Rather than let you fall down.

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