RBG – Ruth Bader Ginsburg


Top of her class, but denied employment on the basis of sex.
She represented men at no charge convincing white, male judges
to rule for the clients against discrimination on the basis of sex.
Supreme Court judges allowed in her Trojan horse of thousands of
well-reasoned opinions.
The judges snatched them up. Adopted them as their own.
Once precedent had been set she returned. Stealth-like.
She had knit a legal garment one delicate link at a time until it was
strong enough to withstand any challenge.
Twenty-seven years a member of the United States Supreme Court.
Continuing the fight.
Even her losses were victories with the skillful dissents.
She will be quoted for centuries.
Her intellect now woven into the American fabric.
Humbly, fiercely asking her brethren for no special favors but that
they get their feet off our necks.
Icon. Rockstar. Grace.
Warrior for civil rights, oh how we will miss you.
I am, because you were. Cindy Stormer, Attorney At Law

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