Was getting kind of hopeful
Should have been more doubtful
Why is it so painful
to lose something before it starts
Wasn’t sure about the sparks
Just didn’t want another things that smarts
Who could blame me after the last time
No worries, I knew it wouldn’t work, Never put in more than my dime.
Someday just wanna hear those bells toll, just wanna hear that chime.
Who doesn’t want to get married when it comes down to it.
Even if the world says you don’t need to be into it.
Most think they’re past it.
If need be I’ll suck it up,
more than a mere young pup.
God’s more than over filled my cup.
I can be content with that
Won’t need a pet bat
Too allergic to have a cat
Before he comes along I can still dream of the day
When he will come to whisk me away
try not to spend it sighing by the bay
I can make it, I’m not on my own
This old heart can be re-sewn
Loneliness won’t gnaw away these strong bones
Yes, I think it really can be re-sewn

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