Reach Out! Try to Grab the Stars

The world around us
seems so harmless.
Let's take advantage of it.

Let's rip out all the soft blades
of grass that used to tickle
our feet as children, when
we played in the back yard.

Let's forget
all the nights we used to spend
looking up at the stars, and light
up the night with lampposts.

Let's all try to skip
flattened soda cans on the water
our fathers taught us to
catch frogs and minnows in.

Let's chop down every tree with initials
Poorly etched in the side
That we can find.

Let's all imagine we have wings
and drive to the Empire State Building.

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This Poems Story

You never truly know where life will take you. It was Valentine's Day, 2014. I found myself at a dinner table with two strangers and they taught me lessons I could never have imagined. Let life guide you and you'll get where you need to go.