Reaching for Stars

I reach and I reach.
Why do I keep reaching,
when I come up empty every time?
Every time I believe,
I get shoved back into the corner
of what I am and what I am suppose to be,
what I want to be.
It's not about what my potential calls for,
It's about what it strives for.
I strive for a better life,
to escape from the insane and chaotic one I have.
So I keep reaching for the stars just out of my grasp.
So far yet so close.
So close yet so far.
The closest I've ever gotten and will ever get,
a brief brush of my finger tip.
It was exhilarating and extraordinary.
It felt like everything was going to be okay.
It was like all my problems just disappeared,
became minuscule then non-existent all at once.
It doesn't last though.
Everyone must fall down eventually.
I am left thinking of it's glory,
stuck back in my little corner of crippling doubts.
I will keep reaching until the end though.
I won't stop reaching till the stars stop shining.

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