Reaching the Third Level

To reach nirvana
Poet paradise
You have to reach the third level

It's a journey to forever
It may take some their whole lifetime,
and others may never get there

It's a quantum leap
fraught with uncertainty
First it takes writing skill,
then an inexhaustible will
and finally untapped creativity

The first level is easy
Most anyone can do it,
you simply write what you feel and think
It requires no linguistic coordination,
no moral obligation;
just the courage to dive in, unafraid to sink

Some people drown in their own words
No sense of it all can be heard,
just a rapid ride on their stream of consciousness

If you make it through the first level
with pen still in hand and curiosity still intact,
you can further elevate and explore
But a lot of poets, sadly, become satisfied with where they're at

The second level is much harder
Not everyone can do it,
exploring themes not from your own personal experience
It's a precarious climb
melding a vicarious mind
Leading you sometimes to places that you never sought to find

Some people can't handle it, they cower away
when facing the realm of the unknown
Unanchored from their familiar worldview, their confidence is gone

If you make it through the second level
with mind still in place and determination still undeterred,
you can shed the constraints of time and space
But more winnowed poets, regrettably,
haven't the creative stamina to finish the race

The third level is the most difficult to reach
Only breached by a chosen few,
who were born to travel to the farthest dimensions of the mind
They breathe unexplored air,
they speak with authority of being there
Poetic pioneers fearlessly going where others are not so inclined

They are ones who enter a hidden sacred space;
traversing the depths of the heart, facing come what may
They are timeless souls searching beyond the veiled gray

They've reached the third level
Poet paradise
They're at the nexus of every imagined possibility:
they will be faithful to observe,
faithful to record,
faithful to write all that they see

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