You always believe you'd be a hero,
the one to free.
Not the one to run,
despite if you have a fear.

Is it certain,
that you would stay,
or would you run.
Decision in a second, one so selfish.

You run to spare yourself,
keep happiness with you,
save your family from despair.

Any person would run,
they have more to live for.
Selfish, everyone is selfish,
we choose to let it overwhelm.
Value our life, over the vulnerable.

Decide in hast, to run or stay.
You kid yourself, not one would stay.
There's no such, as a hero,
heroism is nothing, readiness is.

Heroism is fiction, belief is power.
Power is dangerous, too much and you hurt.
Do you become the villain,
for causing the hurt?

Who is appointed the villain,
or the hero?
Isn't the hero the villain,
so much belief, too much power.
At random roles were made,
random fiction stayed?

Emotion is what you feel,
fiction is what you believe.
Belief gets you where,
fiction gets you nowhere.

You must, haven't be fear,
readiness, is always near.
In everyone, whether aware or not,
it's found within, not retrieved,
you have it all wrong.

Fear overrides, hits like a rock,
unleashed decision,
under pressure can you become.
What would be best, to be ready, or to run?

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This Poems Story

This is about the feeling of decision a person may have to make in desperate times. People get so involved to fairy tales, there blinded by what's real. If you save someone your a hero? But if you do nothing, your the villain? In confusing times, emotions come a'pon a person very suddenly. They make a quick decision, more towards how they could help themselves. As if they were more valuable then the vulnerable persons life. So who's the villain, and who's the hero?