Real is rare and rest is everywhere

wait, did I forget I live in real world
Where trust is just a term
Where there are humans without humanity
There is malice , unforseen unhappiness humility .
There are living beings with dead souls
Hypocrisy is what they hold
They double click the hearts
But their souls are wide apart
Sympathy they love to show
But empathy is what outflows
Visages covered with cream
Standing ponds is what they dream
Wisdom ,gravity, profound conceit
Is what makes them Oracle ,they believe.
Where mirth is no more an existence
Cause sadness is resistant
Heart is wrinkling with melancholy
But their faces are glowing , undoubtedly
People busy running the rat race
And the cat behind, designed with THE FEAR as its face
Kindness is reserved for social posts
In reality we have infinite ghosts
Where slings and arrows are no sin
Rust on the bones ,void in the hearts
Faults they believe doesn\\\'t belong to their kin
Robbed THE SMILE they call it steal
Uneasy lies the head that wears the thief
All that glitters is not gold
pretty well they behold
But reality is as fake as phony of a three dollar bill
But there is always an instant illusional will

To be or not to be
Tis nobler in the mind to suffer,
Or fight against the outrageous sea .

~Vidhi Choudhry

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This poem describes how human is simply loosing his/her deeds which includes being empathetic, and many more.