Real Life Fairy Tale

I used to believe in fairy tales
But now I know that is not a real ending
I've learned the truth about love
I've learned to stop pretending
Love is not going from rags to riches
Fairy godmothers do not exist
Love is walking your daughter to her first day of preschool
As she nervously grabs for your wrist
Love is not attending the ball
With gowns and glass slippers galore
Love is making eye contact with a friend and knowing their thoughts
These little moments you learn to adore
Love is not having a "foot-popping" kiss
With the handsome and charming lad
Love is greeting your husband when he comes home from work
And saying "You're going to be a dad"
Love is not being saved by the man
And running to a faraway land
Love is when you're eighty-one, he's eighty-three
Yet he still can't wait to hold your hand

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